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€10 Free no deposit

0 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


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Bónus de Boas-vindas

€ 1,500 + 2,020 rodadas grátis

x20 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

700€ em bónus e 300 jogadas grátis!

x30 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

50% até € 250

x30 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

100% até € 200 + 50 rodadas grátis

x30 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento

If you love five-card poker, then you would love Caribbean Stud.

These two table games are similar except that Caribbean stud is only played against the house.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about playing this casino game in mobile casinos, including its history, how to play, some top Caribbean Stud Casinos, etc.

What is Live Caribbean Stud?

Live Caribbean Stud is an online casino game that is played over the internet using devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Casinos develop a model which uses a video stream to give remote players a similar experience to what they would get in a physical casino.

The game is played with two hands- the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand.

The players try to attain a better five-card hand than the dealer. Players compete against the dealer (house) rather than against each other.

Since the game is virtual, there is no limit to the number of players that can ‘sit’ at a table.

What is Live Caribbean Stud


History of Caribbean Stud

History of Caribbean Stud

The origins of Caribbean Stud are not well documented but it is believed to have come to life in the years around 1982.

By his own claims, David Sklansky invented the game and named it casino poker.

The professional poker player says he was not initially able to patent the game.

In its early days, Caribbean Stud rules were slightly different.

The dealer had two cards dealt face up and the game had no progressive jackpot.

The tweaks to form the current rules were reportedly made when Sklansky and another fellow player brought the game for professional casino play.

Caribbean Stud was also patented at that time.

History of Caribbean Stud
Basic Rules of Caribbean Stud

Basic Rules of Caribbean Stud

Basic Rules of Caribbean Stud

The game begins with players begin by placing an ante wager.

They can also make an optional side bet of €1.

The dealer then draws five cards face-down for each player.

He also draws five cards for himself, four face-down, and the fifth one face-up.

The player(s) then examine their hand decides whether to fold or raise.

Folding leads to forfeiture of all bets.

Raising requires a wager double the ante amount which then prompts the dealer to turn over his cards.

A player who continues with the game will then weigh his hand against that of the dealer according to the game’s rules.

The dealer needs an ace and a king or a higher hand to qualify, else the player wins.

Caribbean Stud also has a progressive jackpot that a player can activate.

Caribbean Stud Casino – What Makes it Unique?

Caribbean Stud Casino – What Makes it Unique?
  • Caribbean stud casino is available online, and you can play against a live dealer.
  • You only play against the dealer.
  • You make decisions; hence you can learn skills and strategies.
  • Sometimes, the dealer doesn’t qualify; hence you automatically win.
  • You can play the game with a progressive jackpot option.
Caribbean Stud Casino – What Makes it Unique?

Basic Strategy of Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud’s strategy is heavily determined by the dealer’s face-up card.

It is a complex call that takes a lot of practice to master.

Generally, however, players are advised to always raise with a pair or more.

When folding, do so with a hand lower than the dealer’s qualification (ace/king).

Keeping the side bet is audacious but always presents a better pot when the player goes on to win.

If a dealer’s card is between 2 and queen and is similar to one in a player’s hand, the trick is to raise.

The same applies if the dealer has a king/ace and the player has a queen/jack.

Caribbean Stud is not a game of chance because you make decisions.

The following are other strategies that will help to increase your winning chances and reduce the house edge:

  • Fold if you have anything less than AK
  • Don’t fold AK if the dealer has a deuce Queen and you have the same card
  • Continue playing if you have a pair or higher rank cards.
  • Continue playing if you have A-K-Q or A-K-J when the dealer has an ace or a king.

Play Caribbean Stud in Ireland

Caribbean Stud is a relatively popular game in Ireland.

It was a common fixture even when casino games could only be found in member-only land-based casinos.

Irish people love the game because of its professional nature and also because of its mouth-watering progressive jackpots.

The rise of online gaming has led to a new age in Caribbean Stud playing in Ireland.

Currently, there are now more people placing wagers in both local and foreign-based online casinos.

The interactiveness of the live model and the possibility of winning big keeps drawing new players in their numbers.

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