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You probably like to discover more about payment methods such as Boku and exclusive casinos in Ireland.

Then welcome to this guide to the best Boku Casinos, where you can discover all the features and advantages of the payment method in the iGaming industry.

Below we give you the opportunity to learn all about Boku and on top of that, we have a few recommended online casinos that we have personally verified and tested.

Casinos with Boku in Ireland

Selecções do Casino

Última verificação: Dec 01, 2022

Bónus de Boas-vindas

€ 1,500 + 2,020 rodadas grátis

x20 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

700€ em bónus e 300 jogadas grátis!

x30 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

50% até € 250

x30 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

100% até € 200 + 50 rodadas grátis

x30 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento
Bónus de Boas-vindas

€10 Free no deposit

0 Requisito de Apostas | 18 + | Novos clientes apenas... | T&C apply
Min depósito


Formas de Pagamento

Boku at Online Casinos?

Online Casino

Boku casinos are known for their ease of operation; all you need is a mobile phone number to get started.

If you have registered, any Boku casino deposit needed to be made will be made effortlessly.

Just choose Boku as your payment option, select how much you would like to deposit, and an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone immediately for confirmation.

The fact that transactions will be made without requiring any banking information is what makes Boku casino a one-of-a-kind payment platform.

Rather than charging you from your bank account, these deposits will be included in your phone bill when sent to you.

If you use a PAYG service and use Boku as your payment option, charges will be debited from your mobile phone credit.

Online Casino
Which are the best casinos Boku

Which are the best casinos with Boku?

Which are the best casinos Boku

The best Boku casinos are:

  • 22Bet
  • 1xBet
  • Melbet
  • Playzee

BOKU: What is it?

What is Boku

Boku Inc. is a payment platform that helps you to make online payments easily.

This organization, which changed its name from Vidicon Ltd. to Boku Inc., has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California.

The company utilizes a technology known as “carrier billing” to make payments for goods and services by just using your phone number.

This organization has made payment easier for many people, especially as it doesn’t require your credit card and your local bank accounts.

You do not need to carry your credit card about before you can make a purchase.

Payment for your purchase can now be billed through your mobile network provider.

Another good thing about this payment platform is that it can be used to purchase virtual services.

Moreover, it can be used to buy digital and physical goods (as long as it is through the internet).

The organization has gained prominence over the years and partnered with a couple of gaming organizations and a few other online services.

Apple Inc., Google Play Store, Sony PlayStation Store, Windows Store, and many other top digital marketplaces have all patronized Boku.

Some other notable payment service providers have also opted to hire Boku as another payment alternative for their clients due to their competence.

They have also attracted various recognitions like the “Mobility Award” as awarded by Mobile Trax in 2011.

The company also received an award for the “Best Alternative Payments” in 2014 and was also included in the 25 most promising companies compiled by Forbes in 2011 and 2013.

These successes are proofs that Boku Inc. has been competent in her services since establishment.

What is Boku

Brief Introduction to the Organization

Just like e-wallets, Boku Inc. also provides mobile payment solutions to consumers.

Although my pin pad is recognized as the first company to accept multiple payments using your mobile devices, Boku Inc. has also lived up to the task.

Its distinctive quality of service is that you can make payments for goods and services using your phone number.

These payments are charged from the user’s mobile network operator or available credit on his mobile network.

Since payments won’t be charged from the consumer’s bank, customers who have no bank account will also benefit from making online payments.

Payments will be charged from the mobile service operator bills.

So, you don’t have to worry if you’ve got no bank account or credit card.

As long as you have a working mobile phone, you can also make purchases online.

Asides from this, the Boku payment platform offers an easier way to make payments.

History of Boku


Boku Inc., formerly known as Vidicom Ltd, was established in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom, in 2003.

It was established by a group of investors that came together to pull resources together and establish it.

Among them are Thomas Kirk, Glyn Smith and Philip Meakin, Steven Gillam, and Chris Harris (the original angel investors).

Vidicon Ltd was later persuaded to source funds from a venture capitalist by the chairman for the non-exec board, Mark Bernstein, for its app known as “Mobilcash.”

Before this time, few investors had invested in Vidicon Ltd.

It then got funding from Khosla Ventures in the United States and Index Ventures in the United Kingdom.

Ron Hirson and Marc Britto were hired, and Vidicom Ltd acquired Boku Inc. in 2009 as a Delaware company.

It adapted Boku Inc. fully later on and launched itself in the United States.

Along the line, it acquired Paymo, in addition to the already acquired Mobilcash.

It also acquired about 13 million USD from investing in venture capital firms.

After a year, in a series led by DAG Ventures, Boku also amassed about 25 million USD.

It raised another 35 million USD in 2012, promoting and developing this payment platform.

NEA and other investors conducted this round, and Boku was made known to significant parts of the world.

The concluding round was done in 2016, and it amassed about 13.75 million USD.

This round was led by GMO Payment Gateway and a group of investors in the UK.

They funded the organization’s connections for global expansion.

Calculating all together, Boku has amassed about 91 million USD from various venture capital funding.

On November 20, Boku became famous at the London Stock Exchange with an appraisal of 125 million pounds.



Benefits of Using Boku payment method at Online Casinos

Importance of Licensed Casinos

Boku Inc. is a worldwide organization that has been rendering its services for a lot of big companies.

A casino is not the only place you can make use of their service – you can also make payments through it for other online services.

What’s more, you can also earn some bonuses from new casinos through them.

These, to mention a few reasons, are why you should consider using this payment method when making payments.

See more reasons below;

Importance of Licensed Casinos

Fast and Easy Transactions

You can make a deposit and even play your favorite Boku online casino from anywhere by just using your mobile phone.

Wherever you may be, you can quickly deposit to your preferred online casino and play with ease.

Easy To Use

To use the Boku payment method, you do not need pre-existing knowledge about using it.

There are no complicated signup processes, just easy and smooth sign up and deposits from start to finish.

As a matter of fact, in only a few minutes, you’ll be ready to play the online casino.

You’re Completely Anonymous

This is for Individuals who have a valid mobile phone account.

You will enjoy the Boku online casinos as you don’t need any other details apart from your phone number.

Moreover, your phone can’t be traced back to you.


One of Boku’s priorities is safe and secured transactions.

Before you initiate a transaction, a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone, hence, securing the transaction.

Apart from this, it also has a limit of €30 daily limit on transactions.

So, you don’t have to worry about your account being overblown peradventure your mobile phone is stolen.

It is 100% free, no charges whatever

Boku payment method is entirely free, with no extra charges; you’ll only pay the amount you see.

Casinos’ charges may change with time, but Boku won’t charge you a dime.

This is because they charge the dealer and not the users.

Making Deposits at Boku Casinos

Making deposits at Boku

Making deposits at Boku

Making deposits to an online casino using the Boku payment method is so stress-free.

The first step to take is to go to the payment options page on the casino Website.

After this, you will be presented with three different payment options to choose from; select the “pay by mobile” option.

You’ll then be redirected to the Boku payment page.

However, note that you must authenticate and save your number if it is your first time using the Boku payment platform.

You can then input the amount you intend to deposit

A confirmation text will then be sent to you, and then you can confirm the amount you wish to deposit.

You must then confirm the deposit amount by replying “Y” to the SMS.

This amount will then be immediately credited to your casino and debited from your credit if you’re a PAYG customer.

If otherwise, it will be accrued to your phone bill.

You can then log on to the casino website and continue playing your bets.

Using Boku for Deposits in Online Casinos

If you opt to use the Boku Payment method, you must note that your maximum daily deposit limit is €30.

You must also note that the minimum deposit that can be carried out using this payment method ranges between €5 and €10.

High rollers may not feel comfortable with this maximum limit, though, but there are no extra charges whatsoever.

This payment method curbs new and small-stake players from overspending in the casino.

What matters most is to deposit at least the minimum deposit limits for each casino using the Boku payment platform.

Using Boku for Withdrawals in Online Casinos

For the time being, Boku Inc. does not offer withdrawal services; you cannot make withdrawals via their service.

Generally, most mobile banking methods do not offer withdrawals from your account.

This is because it is impossible to withdraw your winnings into a mobile account.

Boku also does not offer to withdraw your winnings because it only has permission to charge your mobile account.

Although most people prefer using the same method for depositing and withdrawing, don’t be dissuaded.

You can still use the Boku payment method for your deposits while using other convenient means for your withdrawals.

Security and Safety Measures

One of the selling points of using the Boku payment method is its maximum security.

Right from the starting point of the process, you’ll always be sent an SMS for confirmation and authentication.

Eventually, if you validate the amount you intend to deposit, you are guaranteed a safe and secured transaction.

This means that a transaction will only be effected when you validate it from your mobile.

Without this validation, deposits won’t go through, and they won’t be charged to your billing account.

Another security measure put in place is the deposit limit that we have discussed earlier.

This is to curb inflation or overcharge from your mobile account in case of a stolen phone.

When your phone is stolen, the highest amount that can be charged to your account will be €30 daily till you find a solution.

If you’re lucky enough, you may have found a solution before you’re charged.

Although this limit may upset some, it is also according to most online casinos’ responsible gambling guidelines.

This tends to curb overspending and depositing massive amounts into your account.

Duration for Transactions on Boku

Boku Duartion for Transactions

After confirmation via mobile, your deposits will be available in your account instantly.

There’s no waiting or processing time; it is effected immediately.

So, you’ll be able to play the online casino with real money as soon as you make the deposit.

Boku Duartion for Transactions

Pros & Cons


  • No extra charges for deposits
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • You do not need a bank account for funding


  • It does not support withdrawals
  • Low minimum and maximum deposit limits

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! All you need is a valid mobile phone with a funded mobile account.

Boku charges the merchant, not the players. The online casino may only charge you, Boku does not charge the players for any fees, and you’ll only pay what you see on your mobile, no extra charges!

Regrettably, this feature is not available to users at the moment. However, watch out for future updates.

Absolutely! Deposits made using the Boku payment method are credited to your online casino account immediately. You can start placing your bet as soon as you validate the deposit via your mobile.

Yes! With two-step verification, transactions on Boku are secured. The daily deposit limits also assure that your transactions are guaranteed when you deposit using the Boku payment method.

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